The Magic of the Harp

I have chosen my most beloved solo pieces for this compact disc. Each one has a special place in my heart. The magic of the harp comes to life in a different way in each piece: the formal Handel Variations, the silvery arpeggios in the Zabel and Saint-Saens, or the laid-back tunes of Gershwin and Andrés. Close your eyes and come on a special musical journey with me, from Baroque right into the present day. Let the rich variety of styles and tone colours beguile you into the relaxing, magical world of the harp.

comments on Kobie´s new CD, The Magic of the Harp:

Isabelle Perrin, Famous French harpist, Artistic Director of the World Harp Congress

Dear Kobie, Thank you so much for your CD! I am listening to it right now and it is really beautiful. Very poetic!! I feel so honored to have inspired you… Isabelle

Danilo Souza from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

your CD is simply wonderful! It is # 1 on my Top List! The songs make me see angels everywhere.

Joop Stam

Former Director of all Music Schools in the North of the Netherlands,

Received the highest award, Ribbon of Honor from the Queen of the Netherlands for his contribution to music:

Lieve Kobie, Vandag jou cd ontvang. Meteen afgespeel. Prachtig! Prachtig! Baie mooi afwisselende program. Verveel nie ’n moment nie.  Geweldige techniek. En so musikaal vertolk. Die harp was ook uitstekend gestem. So suiwer! Die opname is ook voortreflik en ’n baie goeie akoestiek. Dit is ’n genot om daarna te luister en ons bewonder jou mateloos. Jy speel soos die Lang Lang van die harp. Dit oortref my stoutste verwagtinge.Gelukwense!


Dear Kobie, I received your cd today. I played it through immediately. Beautiful! Beautiful! Very good contrast in the program. Not boring for one second. Incredible technique. And so musically interpreted. The harp was very well tuned. So pure! The recording was also excellent and very good acoustics. It is a pleasure listening to it and we admire you endlessly. You play like the Lang Lang of the Harp……. It has exceeded my greatest expectations. Felicitations!



Dear Kobie, and there you made me land in heaven today….I wanted to conjure magical words about all the beautiful places I imagined when I heard your music…..but I leave it… because you cleansed my soul today…..


Lief Kobie, en daar laat jy my vandag in die hemel land….ek wou vir jou vreeslike mooi woorde tower oor al die mooi plekke wat ek my voorstel toe ek jou musiek hoor….maar nee, los maar, jy het vandag my siel kom was…….



Fantastic, Kobie. All the hard work was worth it!






I had hoped to see you ….. to tell you how much we enjoyed the CD !  I think you have made an excellent varied choice of music and we like it all very much.

Patricia Perez Groh:

The CD is wonderfull

Maria Myburgh

Kobie, your music on your cd is to dream of, and the choice of music excellent!


Kobie jou CD se musiek is droommooi, en die keuse van musiek uitstekend!

 FINE MUSIC RADIO, Cape Town, South Africa

The FMR library recently received a copy of the above-mentioned disc, for which, many thanks. The performances and repertoire selection are excellent and this CD is a most welcome addition!

Liebe Kobie,
ganz herzlichen Dank für deine tolle CD.
Ich bewundere dich! Gertrud

Dear Kobie, thank you very much for your beautiful cd. I admire you. Gertrud (harpist friend from Austria).



Kobie du Plessis: Harpist

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