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Below, a few thoughts....

Harp Music.....together with spring in the air! Little notes dropping from trees like fresh spring blossoms.....


turned out to be more like concert for harp and violin in the Gordonsbay church was well attended and supported....then the birthday concert for Mom Suzi at Summervale.......then real spring when I went up to Johannesburg to perform for the SA Harp Society....31 degrees in Pretoria the day after! Saw family and old university and school friends! Hope you see you next year again for master classes for the harp society!

Spring...listen to Chanson de Mai on my Youtube video link.....or buy the piece on I tunes, and the Fantasie of Saint Saens......more spring perfumes floating around! Now Spring comes to South Africa....and December we will have a Bright Clear Christmas under the Southern Cross.

Here in SPAIN: AUTUMN is here in its full glory....autumn leaves are falling and everything is slowing down.....soft gentle music like Gershwin´s Embraceable you or Bernard Andres´ Sweet Blues, what do you think?

I have a suggestion: if you click on my I tunes/Amazon/CD baby link, and just buy one song this month for 99 cents....which one would you choose? DO let me know!

Kobie du Plessis: Harpist

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